There’s nothing worse than settling in for your flight, finding your favourite playlist and then seeing the dreaded drained battery icon blinking red at you. And now with airport security asking passengers to switch on all electronic devices before boarding, it’s never been more important to stay fully charged.

Recent changes in airport security mean that some travellers may be asked to turn on their devices before boarding, simply to ensure everything is as it should be. If you have a rundown battery, it could result in delays and the possibility of having to leave behind your laptop, phone or tablet.

So with all that in mind, here are a few power-saving tips to help you charge up before you charge off:

1. Need to save battery? There’s an app for that

There are several apps that can help you preserve your battery life. Juice Defender is a favourite amongst Android users thanks to its customisable features, preset profiles and intuitive user interface. iPhone users should consider downloading Battery Doctor – this free app shows you exactly which features are using the most power.


2. Kick start those power-saving settings

Tablet connecting to Wi-Fi

To save battery, make sure you switch off any unused services on your phone such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, deactivate navigation devices and data roaming, and close all apps and programs running in the background – these will all drain your battery quickly. Turn off push notifications and enable manual updates for email. Reducing your display-on time and screen brightness can also help to preserve battery life.

3. Bring the right adapter so you can charge on the go

Power adapters

Make sure you have all your chargers and the suitable country adapters within easy reach. A universal adapter such as the Targus World Power Travel Adapter will save you from having to carry several different plugs around.

4. Uh oh… where’s the charger?

Lost your charger? You’re not alone. Many hotels will have a huge box of chargers at lost property from other travellers just like you! Don’t be afraid to ask reception for a charger to loan – chances are they’ll have just what you’re looking for.

5. Keep your eyes peeled for airport sockets

It’s best not to let your device run down too low before you hit security – but many UK airports now are equipped with services where you can plug in your phone, tablet or MP3 player to charge up. Keep your eyes peeled for free sockets on walls, pillars and even in restaurants and cafes (don’t be afraid to ask for a table near a socket!).

6. SOS battery backup saviours

Charging a mobile phone with a powerbank vector

If your laptop is fully charged, you can charge your phone via the computer’s battery if your charging cable has a USB end which plugs into the main wall plug, like many do.

External battery chargers can give you a few extra hours but make sure you charge these first too! Tylt Energi 2K promises to double your phone’s battery capacity and doubles as an AC adapter. The Anker Astro Series offers a range of external batteries that charge multiple devices at one time, and keep them powered even if their own batteries are dead. Both the Tylt Energi and Anker Astro prices start at around $40 (£24).

Another great reason to stay topped up before you fly is to be prepared for MPlayer, our new inflight entertainment system, available onboard selected aircraft. This system allows you to stream media direct to your own smartphone or tablet, so you really don’t want to run out of steam halfway through a movie!  But don’t worry – we also have compact, stylish Boompods available to buy onboard Monarch flights.  These clever external battery chargers can recharge two devices at a time, and recharge a smartphone up to 3 times –  a great deal at £34.99 (£5 less than high street prices). To learn more, check out page 51 of this month’s Love to Shop Magazine online and onboard now.  

Do you have any great battery saving tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!



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