If you’re looking to book a break in a place that fuses style with plenty to see and do, then the prime choice is Venice. It’s really got it all: from world-famous cuisine and fantastic shopping to incredible architecture and fascinating museums. Here are our top 11 reasons (we couldn’t stop at 10) why Venice is the pick of the bunch if you want a chic city break.

Ca’ Rezzonico

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If you like a bit of history from your hols, then do not miss this former palace-cum-museum. Dedicated to 18th-century Venice, it’s packed with luxurious furnishings and fine art. Get a feel for how Venetian aristocrats lived!

San Giorgio Maggiore


One of Venice’s many islands, you’ll want to make your way here for the views and a peek at the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore. It was designed by Andrea Palladio, one of Europe’s most famous architects, way back in 1566.

Rialto Market


Calling all fans of good food. You’ll adore the colourful array of the finest in Venetian produce, particularly the fresh seafood. Pop down to the Rialto Market for photo opportunities and recipe ideas.

Museo Correr

resize_110704133A museum with a bit of everything. Because of its location, the Correr is often overlooked, so you get to see more without the crowds. Here you’ll find Renaissance art alongside old coins and flags, and even aerial maps of the city.

Burano and Torcello


These islands are worth a day trip whether you want to marvel at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the Church of Santa Fosca on Torcello, or see the jolly painted houses and buy some lace on Burano.

San Pietro di Castello


For those who like some oomph from their architecture, there’s San Pietro di Castello, a small Roman Catholic basilica with a fascinating history. Bombed during the First World War, it has now been restored to its former glory.


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One thing you’ll be sure to want to pick up on your Venetian jaunt is a piece of the famous Murano glass. Take trip to the island to see if being made before choosing your favourites – best gifts ever?

Piazza San Marco


Whether you go for a (pricey) coffee, to feed the pigeons or simply for a stroll, you can’t help but be captivated by the splendour of this beautiful square. It’s a tourist hotspot for good reason!

Lido di Venezia

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You don’t expect a beach holiday in Venice, but head to the 11km sandbar of Venice Lido for some sun and sea. It’s also the place where they hold the Venice Film Festival every September.

Teatro Goldoni

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Just a stroll away from Rialto Bridge, the Teatro Goldoni is the place to come for some of the world’s finest opera. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Italian; the surroundings and incredible music are one of a kind.

Travelling in Style

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Venice’s canals offer an wonderful way to discover the city. When you think of Venice, thoughts of gondolas floating lazily along narrow canals spring to mind. But is it the best way to get around? Vaporettos are a great jump-on, jump-off option for getting to the major tourist destinations quickly and efficiently – think of it as a city bus, Venice style. Water taxis are private speedboats which jet you along from point A to point B quite cheaply and are your best option if you’re travelling outside of central Venice to Murano or Lido, for example. Gondolas are about the journey rather than the destination. They’re a bit more expensive, between €50 to €80 per journey to explore the quieter, winding canals of the city, and soak up the city’s timeless atmosphere.

Are you ready? It’s time to book your flights to Venice, one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.


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