Nothing is better after a day of fun on your holidays than watching the sky turn a kaleidoscope of colours as the sun slips out of view. Is there a surer sign that you’re unwinding than sitting and watching the sun go down? But smart travellers know that some places offer more spectacular sunset surroundings than others. Just in time for the longest day of the year, check out our top places to go and watch the sun slip away:


Sunsets in Crete are extra-special because the pastel and whitewashed buildings that line the water make the colour of a dusky sky really pop. Perfect for creating a truly romantic atmosphere to end the day.



A truly magical place, you’ll feel a bit like you’re in a fairytale wandering around the streets of Friedrichshafen. After an obligatory day at the Zeppelin Museum, make sure you stick around to see the sun set over Lake Constance.


Sharm el Sheikh

Sunsets in Sharm el Sheikh are perfect because the palm trees that line the shore intensify the sense of stepping straight into paradise. Feel heavenly as you watch the sun sink into the turquoise waters.


Traditional Tunisian boats can always be found bobbing on the beaches of tourist haven Hammamet. They make an already spectacular sunset feel super-exotic, and their bold colours make everything that’s happening in the heavens look even more intense.



Whether you’re watching the sun go down from a tent in the Atlas Mountains, from up on the Kasbah, or from a cafe overlooking the beach while you sip cocktails, Agadir is renowned for its beautiful sunsets.


There’s only one place to head at the end of the day and that’s the Coliseum. There aren’t many sights to match the sun disappearing behind this ancient behemoth, so if you get the chance, make sure you check Rome out.


As Cyprus is strong on its beautiful beaches, look out to sea as the sun sets. You’ll be rewarded with the sights of lazy fishing boats swaying in the darkening waves and the feeling of perfect peace.
Aphrodites Rock Landscape


Faro and the Algarve region are beautiful any time of day, but at sunset, beautiful shades of rose and blue stretch across the sky and are reflected perfectly in the still waters of the Gulf of Cádiz.


The Rock of Gibraltar is famous, so you need to make the time to sit out and wait for the sun to set behind it. A highlight is watching the Moorish ruins recede into nothing as the sun falls behind the rock.



Take a trip on a gondola as the sun sets over the Venetian skyline. You’ll miss the crowds and have the most romantic boat ride of your life as the colourful sky reflects in the surface of the canals.

Inspired? Then it’s time to get your trusty travel bags ready. You know you’ll be bringing home satisfying memories after this sundowner holiday.


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