Recharge your batteries and make the most of the rising temperatures in Europe during the Easter holidays. With flights to Italy, you can enjoy great food and fine wine and ring the changes with some of the Italian Easter traditions below.


Rome is home to the most popular Easter celebration in Italy during which the Pope leads moving Mass at St.Peter’s Basilica before the breath-taking Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) where an enormous cross with burning torches lights up the sky. With Monarch you can get flights to Rome in time for Easter.


Perfect for:
Lovers of amazing architecture and inspiring events
Monarch top tip: This gathering gets very crowded – make sure you get there early to make the most of it!



Bet you didn’t know that Easter in Florence is celebrated by igniting a huge cart (led by white oxen) using a dove-shaped rocket fired from the Duomo? Good knowledge if you did! This amazing spectacle is part of the vibrant traditional celebrations that date back over 500 years, known as the “Scoppio del Carro” (Explosion of the Cart).

Woah, this ox cart is on fire...

Perfect for: People who love an unusual adventure
Monarch top tip: Little ones often love watching the fireworks, but all the noise can get a bit too much for them. Identify a quiet cafe in case you need to find somewhere to sit



With Italy being a traditionally Catholic country and Easter coming at the end of lent, food plays a central role in the celebrations. How better to enjoy it than by catching one of Monarch’s Venice flights? At Easter Venetians enjoy delicious sweet bread called “Fugassa Veneta”, less rich than the dove shaped “Colomba”, found all over Italy – apparently it takes 55 hours to prepare properly! It’s also customary to wash it down with plenty of Venetian wine from North-East Italy. When in Rome! Or Venice…

Venice cake Easter

Great for: Lovers of fine food and wine
Monarch top tip: If you don’t have a sweet tooth, try the delectable “Risi e Bisi”. It’s a Venetian springtime speciality that’s somewhere between a risotto and a soup



Not everyone wants to celebrate Easter. You may want to make the most of cheap flights to Milan at Easter to do some shopping or just relax! Milan is one the fashion capitals of the world and has an endless selection of chic boutiques. After a hard day pounding the pavements, why not treat yourself to a massage at one of Milan’s deluxe spas?

Milan shopping Easter

Perfect for: designer stores and well-deserved pampering
Monarch top tip: Climb to the viewing deck at the top of The Pirelli Tower for a breath-taking vista of the entire city against the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps


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