As a couple who travels the globe side-by-side in a rusty old camper, getting married on average every ten days, we are no strangers to romance.

Our adventure has taken us to some of the most romantic places in the Western world (so far), from Italy to Argentina, South Africa to Bora Bora, Brazil to Hawaii, but one of the places that blew us away with its dreaminess, its romance and its mystery was Morocco!

Experiencing Marrakech

So close to Europe but a place completely on its own in the way of culture and traditions, Marrakech is a whole new experience comparable to no other.

The city is not a place immediately associated with romantic getaways, but believe me, once you are exhausted by the sights, smells and sounds of a bustling bazaar, the retreat of a stunning riad [a traditional Moroccan hotel] is nothing short of amazing and incredibly romance-inspiring!

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Credit: Bohemian Weddings

We married for the 45th time on the rooftop of one of the most stunning riads in the heart of Marrakech. Once inside its walls, the craziness of the streets outside just melted away. One step inside the door and we were surrounded by dappled sunlight glinting through the leaves of orange trees, tinkling wind chimes and tortoises basking peacefully in the sun.

Our room had stained glass doors, offering both privacy and the most incredibly beautiful rainbow of light to spill across the floor. Orange trees and huge candles lit long outdoor corridors at night and the stars twinkled overhead. Is there anything more romantic than candlelight and starlight in a stunning location?

The Marriage Ceremony

The wedding itself was just incredible. It took place on the rooftop of the Riad El Fenn, surrounded by heavenly Atlas mountain roses grown just a few miles away with views over the iconic Koutoubia Mosque. A stunningly peaceful setting in an otherwise eclectic city where you can charm a snake, haggle for leather goods or sleep in a Berber tent in the desert miles and miles from civilization.

Alex and Lisa Riad El Fenn (123) (1)

Credit: Bohemian Weddings 

We wore traditional Moroccan clothing and tears rolled down our cheeks as we exchanged our vows. The focus of the ceremony was our future, the future we hold in our hands, the same hands that will hold our children, that will soothe each other in the years to come, the same hands that will still be clasped together through thick and thin, love and loss and all of the adventures and discoveries we will make. The ceremony was so incredibly touching and reflected the location so perfectly, the feel of possibility in the air, of adventure and exploration and of magic.

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Credit: Bohemian Weddings

Make it Morocco

The entire city exudes a rare romance, a mysticism that is impossible to describe, like days gone by when genies lived in lamps and there were caves of treasure unbound and when the night sky, lit with diamonds, had no conceivable end.

For us, it is pure passion, undiluted and still filled with cascading colour and smells, wonderful experiences and adventure. A reminder that there is so much delight in the world, so much life to be lived, so much to see and feel and do!

So, go do it. With Monarch launching flights to stunning Agadir in May, sit on rooftops on floor cushions and sip cocktails until the stars fade, get lost in the maze of streets thousands of years old and be pampered with ancient remedies, wander markets selling potions and magic and, most importantly, fall in love all over again.

Marrakech is just a bus-ride away from the shores of Agadir. After a few days’ relaxation in Agadir, book a bus with CTM or SupraTour. Trips are about three hours long and cost about 90 Dirham, approximately £15.

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