Autumn reveals Turkey’s mellow side. Summer’s scorching days are over, but top temperatures still hover around the high teens to mid-20s, making it easier on little ones who are easily exhausted in the heat.

Even better, the biggest throngs of tourists have headed home, so getting around is simpler, and cheap flights and deals on accommodation are plentiful.

During the October half-term break, Turkey is ideal for an active and affordable family holiday. Here are some top tips on Turkey holidays with kids to help get you on your way.

Take a trip to the moon

Have you ever asked your kids where they’d really like to go on holiday? Try it, and you may find that their dream destination is somewhere like Narnia or the Hundred Year Wood from Winnie the Pooh. But it’s even more likely to be the moon! A 2012 survey of more than 2,000 British children found that 47% would prefer to holiday on the moon.

Luckily for parents without the means of Richard Branson, there’s something close to a moonscape in easy reach – in Turkey’s Cappadocia region. The fantastic rock formations you’ll find there are often described as moon-like, and kids love them.

Explore Cappadocia’s ‘fairy chimneys’ and rock castles by hot-air balloon, bike or foot. There are self-guided routes and tours to suit most abilities – little legs included.

Getting there: fly to Antalya for domestic flights to Kayseri (one hour’s drive from Cappadoccia)

Seafaring fun – with a bit of culture, too

On holiday with kids, who don’t often have the attention span required to trek around museums and ruins, it can feel like you don’t get many chances to soak up a country’s culture. But there are plenty of fun ways for families to connect with Turkey’s heritage that won’t bore the kids, and taking to the water is one of them.

If you’re on the Turquoise Coast, why not give your kids a great adventure on a ‘gulet’ tour? On these traditional wooden sailing boats, you can even sleep overnight. And it’s a great way to give the whole family a taste of Turkey’s seafaring past without it ever feeling like a history lesson.

Or, when in Istanbul, try a day-trip on the Bosphorus straight. Some boat tours take kids free, and they’re great for adults who want to admire the ancient sights of Istanbul (including the magnificent Hagia Sophia) from the chilled-out, queue-free perspective that a cruise provides. Choose a tour that includes lunch for those hungry kids, and at least one land stop so they can stretch their legs.

Getting there: fly to Dalaman for the Turquoise Coast or to Istanbul for Bosphorus tours


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