If Easter in Blighty really isn’t eggsciting enough for you, here’s a few of the weird and wonderful Easter celebrations that you might find at Monarch destinations. 

The Rocket War


Let your Easter holidays go off with a bang this year! You’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve entered a war zone if you journey near the island of Chios this Easter. The rocket war is a century-old tradition that used to be a collective warning sign to the Turkish army. Greek sailors learned how to make fireworks from Chinese sailors and brought their skills back from their travels to show off to their native countrymen. The Rocket War has become an Easter tradition by which two orthodox churches battle it out with firework displays. BANG! Ooooo….aaaahhh

How to get there: EITHER take cheap flights to Turkey and connect through a ferry from Turkey’s Çe?me Port. The journey to Chios will take 45 minutes and cost approximately €42.50 per person for a round trip* OR take a Monarch flight direct to Corfu, and a connecting flight to Chios.


Maundy Thursday

Last supper

The day before Good Friday commemorates the Last Supper. This is celebrated all over the Christian world but it’s done with real aplomb in Spain. You could see anything on the Spanish streets, from hooded processions of skeletons and painted zombies, to rock and roll depictions of the Last Supper.

Where to spend it: Take flights to Malaga or Almeria, where the celebrations there are some of the best in Spain.


An egg hunt with a difference


It’s an egg hunt, but not as you know it – this one underwater. How does that work? Well I’ll tell you. You may think holidays to Florida are all theme parks and Disneyworld, but here’s a chance for you to really get interactive. Captain Spencer Slate of Atlantis Dive Center spends Easter Sunday morning hiding painted eggs on the local seabed. Divers and snorkelers must buy a ticket and meet at 8am to begin the hunt among the pristine coral reefs. There is a special prize for the sea-searcher who finds the golden egg and all proceeds go to charity.

Flight time from the UK: Approximately 6 hours on a direct Monarch flight with a package holiday to Florida.

*Prices correct at the time of publication of this post.

Have you experienced any weird and wonderful Easter celebrations abroad? Let us know in the comments below!



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