Charlotte the Bear, our new cuddly-toy, is joining George on-board Monarch flights from 1st May 2016!

To celebrate, we recently launched a competition looking for children aged 7-12 to write a short holiday story (250-300 words) featuring Charlotte and George the Bear. The story could be based on a true account, or on a holiday straight from their wildest imagination.

We received hundreds of entries and despite it being a long process, we had a great time reading each story. Although we knew we would receive some great content, we didn’t quite planned to be hit with so much talent (which also made it more difficult to pick an overall winner)!

The winner will see their story illustrated and published in our inflight magazines Love to Shop and Passport (that’s why we’ll keep it secret for now). We will also treat them and their family to return flights and a stay at the fantastic Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel in Tenerife!

Originally, 30 runners up were going to be sent a Charlotte and George the Bear cuddly toy. However based on the volume and quality of stories we received we decided to raise the number to 50. Now without further ado…here is the list including the winner and runners up.

Charlotte and George the bear

Charlotte the Bear competition – winner & runners up (names as submitted)

WINNER: Oliver Lowe, West Yorkshire


Elizabeth Dent, County Durham; James Stenson, Isle of Wight; Toby Long, Essex; Grace Cooke, Essex; Ava Glass, West Yorkshire; Lily Austin, Manchester; Andy Holder, Herefordshire; Laura Wood, Oxfordshire; Craig Ward, Greater Manchester; Melike Koylu, Manchester; Katie Lancaster, Worcestershire; Max Sharkey, Leicestershire; Alice Wagner, West Yorskhire; Sharon Slack, Cumbria; Crystal McGarvey, Greater Manchester; Ema J Lowe, Nottinghamshire; Joanne Cox, Lincolnshire; Paul Silvester, Lincolnshire; Cerys Percival, Kent; Perdie Hibbins, London; Kirsty Kovacs, Northamptonshire; Jack Curtis, London; Kerry Vallance, Renfrewshire; Rihanna Yilmaz-Pollitt, Manchester; Manon Van Willegen, Swansea; Kiegan Bateson, Manchester; Julie Simpson, Greater Manchester; David Fendick, Devon; Hannah Sabrun, Flintshire; Imogen Porter, West Sussex; Philip Trevor, Bedfordshire; P. Bladon, C. Tallentire and D. Clack from Church End Lower School; Annie, Ameria and Mikey from Mill Rythe School; Arshad Hussain, West Yorkshire; Lisa Lowis, County Durham; Hazel Loka, Northamptonshire; Ruby Baggot, Wiltshire; Tina Simpson, Gloucestershire; Evie Miller, West Yorkshire; Stella Blake, Leicestershire; Sam Perrin, Cheshire; Katie Beresford, Cheshire; Danielle Wright, Surrey; Isabella Tuveri, Hertfordshire; Sharon McRory, Armagh; Aaron Haigh, Merseyside.

Thank you so much again for submitting all your fantastic stories! We will be in touch with the winner and runners up directly to arrange the delivery of the prizes.

And if you’re not on the list this time, don’t worry! We have plenty more opportunities for you and your loved ones to win fantastic prizes with us. Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and competitions page on the website!

Naomi is the Social Media and Content Executive at Monarch and is a regular contributor to the Monarch blog. She is a big lover of Northern European countries and is very excited for the launch of one of Monarch's newest routes, Stockholm!


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