Pizza is one of the most delicious specialities in the whole world, with many different countries doing their own take on the quintessential Italian dish.

Whether you’re a fan of the wide and long New York base, the deep-dish Chicago style or a Fresh Italian-style dish, there are some extraordinary options available across the world.

Here are just some of the top places to sample this Pizza Party Day on May 20th:

1. Pizzeria Loffredo, Rome

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When in Rome, pizza fans are truly spoilt for choice. After all, Italy is where the delicious food was originally conceived and the variety of restaurants across the city can make it hard to choose just one, but you won’t be disappointed with Pizzeria Loffredo.

The eatery offers exceptional pizzas at extraordinarily low prices, with an assortment of great styles and flavours available. Perhaps you want to try the Crocco topped with croquettes of potato, pepper, cream and mozarella, or maybe the sausage and potato dish. There’s an option here to suit most appetites and the service is excellent.

2. Forno d’Oro, Lisbon

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Pizzas here are made in a real wood oven that is lined with gold and are cooked to perfection with a variety of delicious toppings available for customers to choose from. The cooking equipment alone here makes a visit worthwhile. 

The bases here are made in a traditional Neapolitan style with a twist as ingredients include black pudding, sheep cheese and smoked cod. Meals here are generously sized but not overwhelmingly big, making it a great option for people wanting a filling meal that does not leave them too bloated. Eating here is highly recommended, when visiting Lisbon

Plus, with a tasty selection of craft beers on offer to follow the dishes, Forno D’oro is the perfect place for a luxurious meal.

3. La Pizzateca, Madrid

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La Pizzateca is the perfect restaurant for true pizza lovers visiting Madrid. Boasting a vast selection of conventional and unique toppings, this eatery is a great option for travellers who are looking to try something a little out of the ordinary. With ingredients including pumpkin, smoked provola and tuna available, the choice here is incredible.

Prices here are more than affordable too, making it a fantastic option for budget and luxury travellers alike. The restaurant is also just up the road from the Anton Martin train station, making it easily accessible for travellers.

4. SanRemo Restaurante Italiano, Faro

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If you’re looking for fresh pizzas with some Portuguese flavour in Faro, SanRemo Restaurante Italiano is the best place to try, with a diverse menu full of classic and experimental dishes.

The service here is second to none and the prices are lower than many other eateries across Faro. Whether you’re on a budget or not, the costs here represent fantastic value and should leave you with some spare money to try something from the mouth-watering desserts menu.

Meals here can also be taken out for those wanting to dine on the move, making the restaurant a great place to refuel during a long day of exploring.

5. Del Presidente Pizzeria, Naples

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We can’t complete a pizza guide without mentioning Naples. Naples is the spiritual home of pizza after all and the restaurants here certainly live up to expectations.

While there are many food outlets to choose from, Del Presidente Pizzeria is the one of the very best places to experience neapolitan slices at their finest.  Cooked using ancient methods and operated by over half a century by master pizzaiolo Antonio Maccarone, the food here is truly phenomenal.

In fact, it’s so good that even ex-American president Bill Clinton paid the restaurant a visit back in the 1990s!


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  1. I agree that there a lot of great Pizzerias in Europe as I’ve been to some of them even here in the UK, eg. La Porchetta but I can tell you where to find the best of the best and it’s not because I’m brazilian but because the variety of choices (around 30+ flavours) you’ll find there and almost all cooked in a wood fired oven what gives the dough an incredible taste, you can even chose a sweet ones as dessert if you’re really a pizza lover. Going for the Olympics in Rio ask at your hotel the best place to try it and then enjoy the sun, beaches and all that Rio has to offer.

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