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What’s your ski personality?


According to professional skier, Chemmy Alcott, you can see them from a mile off. The man who got overly excited about the “bend ze knees” lesson, or the woman who thinks that extra wiggle to her turns best shows off her behind in her too tight trousers. But which one of these skiing clichés best describes you? You’ll spot […]

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Skiers and snowboarders – why can’t we just get along?

A snowboarder & skier catching air above the snow

I’ve been thinking lately – why is it that skiers and snowboarders have such a strong rivalry, and sometimes even a mild antipathy towards each other, considering we have so much in common? I have to start by saying, once again, this blog is likely to be highly biased since for 28 years I have been in favour of […]

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Five sure ways to beat those early winter blues

Getting reacquainted

November. Even the word chills me to the bone. The month itself is cold, wet and dark. And I’m always saving my pennies for Christmas. Where’s the fun in that? But this year I’m determined not to wallow at the beginning of winter. So, I’ve formulated this five-step plan to beat the blues: 1. Do something new For me, […]

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Plan ahead to see Florida’s best Halloween spooks!

halloween parade

I’d always known that Halloween was a much bigger deal in America than in the UK, but on a recent trip to the other side of the pond, I discovered just how crazy Americans go for the second-most commercially successful American holiday (after Christmas). Indeed, it’s estimated that as much as a quarter of all sweets—or should I say […]

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Tee off towards some of the best golfing destinations ever

Monarch Golf Clubs

Autumn should mean crisp, bright days and russet-tinged views…and time to unwind on the golf course. In reality, autumn at home can be relentlessly grey and miserable outdoors. For a golfing break that lives up to the season’s promise, you’ll need to get your destination right. I’m thinking top-notch courses designed by pros, facilities to match, scenery to wow […]

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Where to find Europe’s best après ski

Apres ski party

Many of us are mourning the end of summer and the long, warm days and cool evenings that go with it. Luckily for us skiers though, this seemingly gloomy time of year has a welcome silver lining as it heralds the beginning of the ski season. It’s time to get ready for the slopes! As I prepare for a […]

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Madeira’s 5 best kept secrets

Madeira Funchal Fireworks

1. Madeira rivals the Canaries for sunshine breaks Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas, Selvagem – the four islands that make up the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira don’t trip off sunseekers’ tongues as readily as Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Lanzarote. But the islands of Madeira are less than 400km north of the Canaries and enjoy a similar (if slightly less scorching) […]

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Flying high – the most extravagant private jets

The Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley's Private Jet

Ah, Graceland! The stately mansion of poor-boy-made-good Elvis Presley was once a byword for star-studded excess. I love to peek at how the other half live, so when I recently found myself in Memphis, Tennessee, I just had to visit Graceland. I arrived expecting big things, but left realising that the extravagances of the Presleys pale in comparison with […]

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Could the Canaries offer a cure for the winter blues?

Hiking in Tenerife

After a rather unpredictable summer, the recent heavy rainfall and gale force winds have left us in no doubt that we’re in for a typical British winter. For many of us, the colder weather and shorter days can bring on a mild form of depression, with 17% of Brits admitting to suffering from ‘winter blues’.  Sunlight and exercise are […]

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Why is skiing like seafood?

Monarch Chemmy on skis with aircraft

A little investigation on Facebook recently (that font of all information!)  has given me the feeling that change is coming. People back home in the UK are starting to shift their summer clothes back up to the loft and dust off their winter boots. Along with that goes a whole lot of deep sighing and pessimism about the beginning […]

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