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Too hot, too cold or just right? How air conditioning works onboard

Paul Stone engineer

We all like different temperatures, some of us like it toasty and others cooler. Have you ever wondered why there might be a difference in temperature in different areas of the cabin? Getting the temperature right is a complex process so wev’e teamed up with Monarch’s Paul Stone, Boeing Technical Instructor for B737 / B787  so he can share his […]

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Sep 26 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

How iPhone 6 is changing the face of mobile travel


After all the excitement, we’ve finally got our hands on the new iPhone 6 and iOS 8. Here’s Monarch’s mobile web manager John Attwood, with the lowdown on how the highly-anticipated phone and software updates will change the face of mobile travel: Snap! Firstly, lets talks about the camera. It’s a huge part of the traveller’s toolkit. After all, […]

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Tuesday Tips – Taking children on holiday

travelling with children

There’s no nicer feeling than seeing your child build their first sandcastle, or watching them run around on the beach with dad, giggling in the shallows! Children love going on holiday as much as parents, so we spoke to Claire Burgess, early years consultant, nanny and award-nominated trainer in childhood education, to ask her advice on how to guarantee a great holiday with […]

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Need to defend your knees? Try our non-reclining seats

defend your knees

According to stories on the BBC and Daily Mail websites this week, Knee Defenders™ are apparently a new must-have travel accessory to keep ‘recliners’ at bay. Whilst other airlines are now banning the controversial gadgets, we have a simpler solution – knee-free, non-reclining aircraft seats. The ergonomic seats launched in May this year in response to customer feedback; reclining seats were deemed […]

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Aug 22 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

August Bank Holiday flying tips

August flying tips

August Bank Holiday is a popular time to get away for a long weekend at the beach or visit a fabulous city, catch up wth friends and family and enjoy some real sunshine abroad. There’ll be more than 125,000 passenger journeys booked to fly on 679 flights this weekend. Due to the popularity of our bank holiday flights, all […]

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Aug 19 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

Tuesday Tips: Discover the secrets of the deep

Turtle swimming in waters of Tenerife

Want to explore the deep blue sea and spot the world’s most amazing creatures? Luckily, you don’t have to travel to the Great barrier reef in order to see them! There’s some amazing marine life just a  short flight away, and seeing these creatures in their natural habitat really is something that shouldn’t be missed. Turtles in Tenerife You might […]

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Aug 16 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

Get switched on: Power saving tips for savvy travellers


There’s nothing worse than settling in for your flight, finding your favourite playlist and then seeing the dreaded drained battery icon blinking red at you. And now with airport security asking passengers to switch on all electronic devices before boarding, it’s never been more important to stay fully charged. Recent changes in airport security mean that some travellers may be […]

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Aug 15 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

What makes the perfect holiday? We asked, you told us!

Cocktails by the pool

What makes the perfect holiday? We asked, you told us! The perfect holiday starts with a four-and-a half hour flight, lasts 11 days and includes reading Game of Thrones and sipping a cold pint of beer by the pool, a study revealed yesterday. Who would have thought it?

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Aug 15 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

Photo Friday: Agadir – tree climbing goats and beautiful beaches!

Atlas mountains

If you fancy a break that makes you feel like you’re a million miles away from the UK, then Agadir is the destination for you. It boasts warm weather, sun-soaked beaches and a scenic mountain range, as well as a rich local culture and out-of-this-world food. Here’s a peek at the best bits of this Moroccan marvel: The Atlas Mountains […]

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Aug 13 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

Get active in the sunshine and feel great!


Sure, we all like to spend our holidays relaxing on a sunny beach, perhaps with a cool, tropical cocktail in hand, but sometimes we want something a little more active to change up the pace during our stay. Whether it’s hitting a few balls on a local tennis court, cycling around the historic city sights, or going for a […]

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