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Aug 29 2014 / Topical

From ice buckets to ice hotels – 5 ways to enjoy ice around the world

Ice hole

Let’s face it, the ice bucket challenge has taken the world by storm with people drenching themselves with ice and water to encourage donations to charities. But, believe it or not, ice doesn’t just have to belong in a bucket – there are  many more interesting uses for the frozen blocks of water! Check these out! Sleep on a […]

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Aug 27 2014 / Food and Drink // Topical

Fries with that? 5 burgers to try before you die!

Fries with that

Finally we have an excuse to pig out – today is National Burger Day! It may be an American classic, but the humble burger has become an international staple, with many countries adding their own unique delicacies and local flavours to the humble bun, patty and cheese. In fact, the UK burger bar market alone is worth billions, with more than […]

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Aug 26 2014 / Destinations // Topical

Tuesday Tips: 5 of the World’s Most Unusual Festivals

La Tomatina. Spain

From swimming in a sea of smashed tomatoes, to chasing cheese down a hill, there really are loads of weird and wonderful cultural events out there. Will any of these be on your list? La Tomatina: The world’s biggest food fight Image courtesy of Graham McLennan This week, La Tomatina (the annual Battle of Tomatoes) is celebrated in the town […]

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Aug 4 2014 / Topical

Let Us Remember Them


Today, 4th August, marks the 100th anniversary of the day Britain entered one of the costliest conflicts in history – the First World War. If you’re planning a trip to our capital this summer, put the Tower of London on your sightseeing list as there’s a bold surprise in store. Spilling out of the tower walls and overflowing into […]

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Dec 24 2012 / Topical

It’s been swell, 2012 – now bring on 2013!

Olympics Opening Ceremony

It’s hard leaving 2012 behind, in all its Olympic glory and Jubilee glitter. It was a giddy ride, but its ending could easily double down on our inevitable January blues. As ever, we’ll be cold, cash-strapped and crying out for just a little something to lift us out of our seasonal slump. But perhaps the best tonic is to […]

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