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Oct 17 2014 / Destinations // Food and Drink

Buon Natale: It’s (almost) Christmas time in Italy!

nativity scenes in italy

Can you believe we’re getting close to Christmas already?! The weather is getting cooler, the decorations are on the way, and there’s even the smell of roast chestnuts in the air. However, nobody does Christmas celebrations quite like the Italians, what with their week-long feasts and months-long religious holidays! Now’s the time to charge up that Christmas spirit with […]

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Oct 6 2014 / Food and Drink

We welcomed kids on board Pudsey’s Panel to choose new children’s in-flight meals

MON_Pudsey Panel_13_Kissya

We’re launching a new child’s onboard meal and who better to choose the dish than the customer who will be eating it? We’ve appointed a panel of mini experts in charge of creating its new range of kids’ in-flight meals – the children themselves. Together with our on-board partner Alpha LSG have been searching the nation for the help […]

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Aug 27 2014 / Food and Drink // Topical

Fries with that? 5 burgers to try before you die!

Fries with that

Finally we have an excuse to pig out – today is National Burger Day! It may be an American classic, but the humble burger has become an international staple, with many countries adding their own unique delicacies and local flavours to the humble bun, patty and cheese. In fact, the UK burger bar market alone is worth billions, with more than […]

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Jul 29 2014 / Food and Drink

Tuesday Tips: The Med’s Best Ice Creams

Ice cream parlour small meds best ice creams

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! This is definitely true when you’re on holiday. Sunshine destinations and cool, creamy ice creams are a match made in foodie heaven, so don’t miss the top gelato spots in your Monarch destination of choice. Here are five that have a certain something special: Forget Neapolitan in Naples Put […]

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Jul 22 2014 / Food and Drink

Tuesday Tips: Barce-loning

Delicious Dishes from Barcelona

Barce-loning [pronounced: bɑːsəˈləʊning] The act of wandering off the beaten track in Barcelona. Courtesy of Monarch Customer Service Centre Team Leader Arian Antinolo, we’d like to present some of the best places to wander in the Catalonian capital. There is life beyond the picturesque La Rambla when you go to Barcelona. Veer off the main street to explore the winding roads of the […]

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Eating Local in Spain


Imagine you’re on the town in Almeria, but don’t know where to go for a sample of real local flavour. You’re craving a glass of crisp Spanish white and some smoky jamon – not soggy tapas at tourist prices. Don’t despair. Here are some of Spain’s ultimate culinary destinations you need to have on your list. Churros and Chocolate in […]

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The Monarch Guide to North African Cuisine


North African cooking may not be as renowned as the old favourites, Italian, French and Chinese, but you should definitely make it your mission to track down some of these regional delicacies. In fact, Monarch is now offering new flight routes to Enfidha in Tunisia, Agadir in Morocco, and Hurghada in Egypt so you can taste your way around […]

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The Best Easter Treats to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth


Easter is a time for reflection, thanks and celebration, and what better way to spend the holiday than indulging with good company and great food? Easter is celebrated around the world, and each country celebrates the occasion with its own traditions. After the sacrifices of Lent, food plays a big part in these traditions, in particular sweets, treats and […]

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Tuesday Tips: Tipping


Attention, savvy travellers: Always learn about the tipping customs of your destination before stepping off the plane. Our team has travelled far and wide and has faced many an awkward tipping moment along the way. The good news: they’re sharing everything they know. So, here are some of our most useful tipping tips, by country, that will help you […]

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