Ahead of Chelsea Flower Show next week, TV gardener Charlie Dimmock today joined (Ground) forces with low cost airline and holiday company, Monarch to cheer up commuters with a giant floral plane at London Victoria Station.

The ex-Ground Force favourite and current presenter of BBC’s Garden Rescue unveiled the vibrant plane measuring nearly 15-foot-long and 15 foot-wide and covered in 10,000 flowers native to Monarch’s new flight and holiday destinations. The blooms included honeysuckle from in Stockholm, Sweden, sunflowers from Porto, Portugal, lavender from the fields of Zagreb, Croatia, and red carnations – Spain’s national flower – from Valencia.

The floral work of art took a staggering 207 hours to create, with each of the 10,000 flowers being delicately attached by hand.

Following new research that found giving fresh flowers is one of the best ways to brighten someone’s day*’, Charlie joined Monarch cabin crew to hand out hundreds of free posies to unsuspecting members of the public.

And as part of Monarch’s ‘Year of Nice’ promoting the traditional values of chivalry, courtesy and respect, cabin crew awarded the friendliest commuters with a free pair of flights every hour.

Charlie also spent the morning charming members of the public, as the survey revealed that some of the nicest gestures Brits can do to raise someone’s spirits is flash them a smile (19%) or give them a compliment (18%).

A simple hug was named as the third nicest gesture, with 1 in 6 of Brits (13%) feeling better after a cuddle. The same number of men and women enjoy an affectionate embrace proving perhaps we’re all a nation of softies!

Channelling Adele, number four in the list was giving someone a call to say hello (12%), with women responding three times better (15%) than men (10%) to a friendly chat.

Charlie mentioned, “Launching Monarch’s beautiful floral plane today was a great way to bring together two loves of mine – flowers and holidays. And also a wonderful way to celebrate Monarch’s new flight destinations, using 10,000 flowers from Stockholm, Porto, Zagreb, and Valencia. The sight and scent of the floral plane really put the commuters in the holiday mood and that was before we started handing out flower bouquets to unsuspecting Londoners with free flights hidden in them”.

Monarch’s Floral Plane is also jetting off to Birmingham New Street station this Friday (19th May) to put more smiles on the faces of the public.

For nicer flights and holidays visit: www.monarch.co.uk.

* Smile (19%), Compliment (18%), Hug (13%), Call to say hello (12%), Giving flowers (8%), OnePoll, May 2017, 1,000 respondents


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