August Bank Holiday is a popular time to get away for a long weekend at the beach or visit a fabulous city, catch up wth friends and family and enjoy some real sunshine abroad.

There’ll be more than 125,000 passenger journeys booked to fly on 679 flights this weekend. Due to the popularity of our bank holiday flights, all our UK airports are going to be very busy.

If you’re flying with us this weekend, here are some tips to help you on your way!

What’s the weather like?

Very handy to know this when you’re scrambling to pack your bags! The Monarch app has loads of useful information about our destinations which you might find useful, including weather forecasts for the next 10 days.

Download the apps here

Check in online

  • If you can check in online in advance of travel, we recommend that you do so as it saves so much time when you arrive at the airport. Once you’ve checked in online, you only need to check your hold luggage in, if you have any, and then proceed through security.
  • We don’t require you to check in online before you get to the airport, however we do recommend it if you believe you’ll be pressed for time at the airport, or if you’re travelling with a party which would like to be seated together. Given how busy flights will be, it is possible check-in agents won’t necessarily be possible to seat an entire party together. However, they will always do their best to accommodate you.
  • Online check-in has a small fee associated with it, whereas it is possible to check in at the airport free of charge.
  • Learn how to check in online here:
  • Check in online here:

Allow yourself plenty of time getting to the airport

  • Whether you’re driving or using public transport, it’s important to allow plenty of time to get to the airport.
  • Remember, it’s not just the airports that will be busier, the road and rail networks will also see an increase in passengers travelling to the airport.
  • Plan your route in advance and, if you’re travelling on public transport, check timetables – often there are limited services operating at weekends and bank holidays.
  • You can get directions and check for traffic updates on the Monarch app, as well as find useful airport information.
  • Don’t lose your car – park up and put a pin on a map within the Monarch app. You won’t regret taking that simple step before you head into the airport!
  • Don’t forget to check our website  travel alerts for local updates, such as: 

Allow plenty of time to get through security at the airport

  • It’s likely there will be more people at the airport than usual, so please give yourself extra time to pass through security queues.
  • Don’t forget there are additional security measures in place which you need to consider, so make sure you charge up all the devices you’re carrying in your hand luggage, including smartphones and tablets.
  • There are more power saving tips in this Monarch blog article.

Can you travel light?

  • If you can travel with hand luggage only and check in online, you’ll avoid having to queue to drop off hold luggage, save time when you arrive at the airport and also at the baggage carousel on arrival.
  • If you’ve not checked in online, you’ll need to join the queue at the airport. Please take note of check in opening and closing times.
  • Please do take note of Monarch’s baggage size and weight restrictions, and familiarise yourself with the security rules around liquids carried in hand luggage.

Keep track of your flight

Be smart on social media

Although it’s tempting to share your holiday excitement, be very careful about who you share details of your holidays with. Double check and edit your privacy and security settings on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media you use to ensure you’re not broadcasting your current (and weekend) whereabouts to strangers. It pays not to let potential burglars know that you’re not going to be home – they’re becoming much more tech-savvy and ‘social’ these days.

Having said that, we’d love to see the results of your holiday when you get home – do share a holiday snap on our Facebook wall, or hashtag #monarch onTwitter!

Need more help during August Bank Holiday weekend?

  • Monarch’s Luton-based customer services centre will be open on Saturday and Sunday 0900-1730 BST and on Monday 0900-1600 BST, so please do give us a call if you need us.
  • We’re also online to help you on Facebook and Twitter (@monarch) from 0900-1730 BST each day.

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Have a wonderful flight!


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