You might think that spring showers are the last thing you’d want from a holiday, but a few damp afternoons can actually add to your holiday by taking you away from the beach and through the doors of places you may not have considered otherwise! Check out our top destinations that offer the best of both sun and showers:

Stay dry in Italy


While some areas of Italy are best appreciated in the sun, the more historic areas, such as Verona, promise to keep you occupied indoors as well as out. Wander through the 14th century Museo di Castelvecchio to discover Medieval sculptures, Renaissance art, and local artefacts. The museum is worth the trip in the sunshine as well, when you can explore the stunning sculpted gardens. For a more interactive experience, head out of the city on a wine tour and take shelter with an afternoon of indoor tastings, where the wine is barrelled.

Escape the rain in Spain


Head to the cultural capital of Spain – Barcelona – for pursuits you’ll enjoy regardless of whether the rain comes or the sun shines. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, then while away the day exploring the works of one of Spain’s greatest artists at the Picasso Museum or learn about Gaudí’s unique architectural style at the Casa Batllo. For a truly indulgent afternoon, settle in with churros, hot chocolate, and a good book in the historic surroundings of the Cafè de l’Òpera or let loose with the locals at trendy dessert café, Bubó!

Take cover in Turkey


While you’re pretty much guaranteed a healthy dose of sunshine in Bodrum, there are times when the rain can hit. For those moments, there are plenty of indoor attractions like the Museum of Underwater Archaeology housed in the 15th century Castle of St. Peter, a unique museum featuring artefacts from ancient shipwrecks, spanning from the Roman era through to the Medieval period. If you want to shop for traditional Turkish handicrafts but don’t want to get drenched, head to Dibeklihan for local boutiques and cute cafés in a covered space – you can easily lose a few hours!

Get some shelter in Greece


You’d be mad to visit Greece and not seek out some of the rich history and culture hidden away from the sun. In Crete, the Cretaquarium gets you up close to all species of sea critter while the National History Museum or the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, which is temporarily closed for renovation but with highlighting works feature will take you back in time more than 5,000 years. For some more recent history, 16th century Koules Fortress, located at the end of the pier in Heraklion, offers striking views over the harbour and fascinating insight into the structure and defences of the time.

So, before you decide the only kind of holiday for you is one where you stay firmly planted on the beach, consider some of the great attractions to give yourself a rest from the sun or escape the rain!



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