Alcudia and Palma Nova are two of the top resorts on the majestic island of Majorca. British travellers have flocked to these two locations for years thanks to their glorious beaches, tranquil ways of life and amazing weather.

However, deciding which of the two will suit you the most is a challenge. Here, we take a look at both to help you identify which of these magical destinations will be your cup of tea.

What awaits in Alcudia?

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Set on the stunning north coast of the island, Alcudia is a fantastic mix of modern facilities and natural beauty. It is the biggest holiday resort in Majorca and boasts the enormous De Alcudia beach, which stretches for 7km along the magnificent Mediterranean coastline.

If you’re looking for a relaxing meal in picturesque surroundings, the fishing harbour is an excellent option. Incredible eateries such as Bar Restaurante Lovento are based here, offering a wide selection of extraordinary seafood dishes.

Kids will particularly feel at home in Alcudia, with thousands of families making the trip over to the resort. One of the top things to do is a visit to Hidropark, which is full of amazing water rides that will keep the children happy all day long.

As well as this, there is the Amaze’n Laberintos on De Muro beach, where youngsters and adults alike can take on a huge maze stretching more than 1,356m.

Could Palma Nova be the choice for you?

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Palma Nova is located close to Magaluf on the south-west coast of Majorca, but its atmosphere could not be further from that of its party-centric neighbour.

It has become a favourite for British holidaymakers and boasts plenty of English, Irish and Scottish bars. If you’re looking for a home away from home, this purpose-built resort should be top of your list.

As well as this, there are three beaches in Palma Nova, which are Playa de Palma Nova, Playa des Carregador and Son Matias. There is also a wide selection of watersports to enjoy, including windsurfing and jet-skiing. Whether you’re a thrillseeker or you just want to relax, this Balearic coastline has it all.

Following an afternoon near the sea, a visit to Golf Fantasia could be the perfect way to cap off your day. There are three different courses to play here and excellent restaurants such as Abracadabra Pizza are nearby.

Which is the best?

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It’s impossible to say which of these excellent resorts is the best. Both have plenty of attractions, extraordinary food and provide an amazing escape from the dull British weather.

For those travelling as a family, Alcudia may perhaps be the better choice. The incredible Hidropark cannot be missed and provides fun for parents and children alike. Palma Nova also has plenty to look forward to, but Alcudia is certainly the bigger resort.

However, if you’re only visiting Majorca for a week, or simply want to enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere, Palma Nova could be the better option. Its smaller size and picturesque promenade make it the perfect place to unwind in the sun.


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