(Luton, UK – 14 June, 2016) A UK airline is teeing up a hefty golf luggage allowance for customers, enabling golfers to get a (w)hole holiday in one bag.

Monarch, the leading scheduled airline to leisure destinations, is providing golfers with a 20kg golf bag allowance on top of its generous 10kg of hand luggage per customer.

With a standard bag and club set only weighing in at around 10-12kg, pro-packers can maximise the spare space in their golf bag and hit the greens in style without their wallets being bogeyed by excess luggage charges.

Monarch’s 20kg of additional baggage allowance can actually accommodate a sizable amount of golfing accessories – 400 golf balls, to 200 gloves or 10,000 tees.

However, for golfers wanting to model something more substantial than artfully-placed hand wear on the fairway, Monarch Director of Flight Operations, Captain Martin Dudley advises on golf-break essentials and provides the packing tricks of the trade to ensure every last inch of space is maximised.

Captain Dudley says: “We are always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers. Flying to key golfing destinations such as the Algarve, Tenerife, Spain, Majorca and Cyprus, golfers know that we understand their requirements and deliver a stand-out service for them.

“Golfers can enjoy their trip away knowing they have the convenience of our golf bag allowance, teamed with Monarch’s generous hand luggage provision. Having the one bag makes it much more practical for golfers when travelling abroad – no one wants to be carrying a big case as well as a golf bag!

“We’ve created a golfing break checklist, complete with weights, so golfers know just how much they can take away with them both to hit the greens and the clubhouse bars afterwards. Our expert packing tips will also help golfers to pack efficiently and squeeze every last bit of space out of their luggage. If 20kg just isn’t enough for the clubs and clothing then golfers can also add a hold bag for another 20kg allocation.

“We look forward to welcoming our golfing customers over what promises to be a great summer on the courses across Europe.”

Golfing holiday must-haves:

  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Golfing shoes
  • Jumpers
  • Windcheater
  • Tees and balls – available at resort but at a premium
  • Visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves (2 pairs)
  • GPS/laser range finder
  • Toiletries
  • Suncream
  • Insect repellent
  • Umbrella
  • Evening smart casual wear and shoes: ultra-clever packers choose a second pair of golfing shoes but without spikes which can double up as off-course footwear.

Packing weights

30kg total weight allowance (20kg hold luggage, 10kg hand luggage)

Item Weight (kg)
Golf bag and clubs 15
Hand luggage lightweight bag 1
Shoes x2 1.2
Shirts x5 1
Trousers x2 1.4
Jumpers x2 1
Underwear x5 0.5
Socks x5 0.3
Windbreaker 1
Glove x2 0.1
Smart casual shirts x5 1
Smart casual trousers x5 1.4
Toiletries and golf sundries (GPS, visor, sunglasses) 5
Total 29.9


Packing tricks of the trade

  • Roll soft clothing to fill the gaps in your golf bag. Group several items together when you roll – this will reduce creasing
  • Place shoes at the bottom of your golf bag, with clubs on top. We also recommend wrapping shoes in plastic bags
  • Stuff your shoes with smaller items such as socks or underwear, make the most of any spare space!
  • For your hand luggage, fold your clothing and stack in cubes to maximise space and provide easy access
  • Pack any light coloured clothing inside out so any stains picked up in transit don’t show
  • Keep all your essential travel documents such as passports, flight and any transfer details, plus items such as mobile phones within easy reach at the top of your hand luggage, or on your person
  • Don’t forget to place any liquids of over 100ml in your golf bag as they can’t be kept in hand luggage – ensure they’re wrapped in cling film or plastic bags in case of leakages.

Golf infographic2-01

For a full list of destinations please visit http://www.monarch.co.uk/destinations

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