Why should you have to face choosing between the dream wedding and the dream honeymoon? With the incredible vacation deals and cheap flights available, love birds can have their wedding and their honeymoon too – with money to spare! After all, there’s nothing romantic about penny-pinching.

The world can be your oyster when choosing your post-nuptial getaway, but there are a few destinations in particular that are known for their passion-inducing powers… and it could be love at first flight!

 Monarch Menorca Balearic Islands


With flights to Spain, you can get swept away by the intoxicating beauty of this incredible island with its clear, blue waters, golden shores and jutting cliffs. It’s the very definition of an enchanting escape, with everything you could want in a holiday – from the legendary Spanish nightlife (that usually goes on well into early morning) to its idyllic, lonely bays and inlets that offer the perfect peaceful retreat for lovebirds. Lounge about on the Bay of Palma and take a bicycle trip for two from the port to El Arenal. Sample a bit of the local gin, known as Xoriguer (pronounced ‘show-ri-gerr’) as you watch the world float by from the glittering shoreline. Unlike British gin, the gin from Mahon is usually drunk neat, or as a ‘pomada’, which means it’s mixed with lemonade. Be sure to stop and treat yourself to ‘caldereta de langosta’ – a succulent lobster dish the island is known for.

Monarch Tip: if you’re thinking of heading out clubbing, do not underestimate the Spaniards’ night owl nature. Many a night out will begin at midnight or later. If you don’t expect to last, factor in an early evening nap.


Monarch sea view at sunset

The Greek Islands

Greece is practically tailor-made for newlyweds. Island-hop or pick one to while away the hours as you feed each other local delicacies (think honey, feta and figs), as you watch the sunset dip down behind ancient cliffs dotted with whitewashed houses. Spend a decadent day sipping your way through one of the island’s many vineyards wineries and then watch afternoon turn into evening from the shores of the stunningly blue Aegean Sea…

Monarch tip: If you’re heading out for dinner at a 6 or 7pm, don’t judge a restaurant by its clientèle – or lack thereof – because most native Greeks won’t head out for dinner until 9pm or later.


 Monarch Rome Trevi Fountain


Pick a city, pick any city in Italy. With Monarch adding Milan flights and Venice flights to their range of flights to Italy, you can easily find yourself in some of the most loved-up locales in the world. Whether you choose to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, snuggle up in a Venetian gondola or wander, hand-in-hand, through the lovers’ lanes of Rome or Florence, the magic of this country is simply irresistible.

Monarch Tip: For the art lovers among you, Venice has more masterpieces per square mile than any other city in the world.


Monarch Dolphins


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous for your honeymoon, jet over to Mombasa to soak up adventure and culture. Swim and snorkel with dolphins in the Kisite Marine Park, amble through the atmospheric Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and take a tour of the historic mosques. Finally relax on a romantic dinner cruise down the Tamarind Dhow, while you take in the stunning views.

Monarch Tip: Dress code in Kenya is fairly conservative. Swimwear is acceptable on the beach, but it’s best to avoid showing too much flesh elsewhere.

If you want to share any of your own romantic honeymoon tales or recommendations, please let us know in the comments below! 


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