You don’t need much excuse to enjoy a nice cold beer while you’re on holiday, but if you did, International Beer Day seems like the perfect reason to indulge. That’s why today (August 5th) is the perfect opportunity to do a little research into what you should be drinking on your next holiday in Europe. Here are our top suggestions.

1. BrewDog Punk IPA


Get your trip off to the perfect start with a can of BrewDog Punk IPA en route to your destination. You may be surprised that you can get premium quality Scottish craft beer on a flight, but as of July, that has been the case on board all Monarch flights. This hoppy beer is perfect for putting you in the holiday mood, as its grapefruit, pineapple and lychee notes are almost like a nod to the sunshine that awaits when you disembark the plane.

2. Moritz Pilsner

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If you’re travelling to Barcelona, then you’ll want a real taste of the Catalan capital and that’s exactly what you get with Moritz, which is brewed right in the heart of the city. Don’t rely on the label to let you know what you’re getting, unless you are fluent in Catalan. The Pilsner is a good bet for most drinkers, however. It’s a golden ale with citrus flavours and a slightly sweet then bitter aftertaste. Perfect for enjoying in the sun on a nice Barcelona afternoon.

3. Super Bock Green

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There are a number of Super Bock beers available in Portugal, but the one that seems to have been brewed with summer in mind, is Super Bock Green. It’s a pilsner that has been enhanced with lemon juice to give it a nostalgic sense of cloudy lemonade. At just four per cent ABV, it’s refreshing for those who only drink beer occasionally, so look out for the distinctive green bottles while you’re sunning yourself in Portugal or the Algarve.

4. 6Son IPA

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For real craft beer lovers, the 6Son IPA, brewed in the region to the east of Rome, known as Abruzzo, is an absolute must-try. It’s not for the faint-hearted, as it’s stronger than the others at 7.1 per cent ABV, but is a true taste sensation. Combining both saison and IPA traits, it takes six different hop varieties to brew, hence the name. Look out for notes of cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla in this distinctive beer from the Opperbacco microbrewery.

5. Gosser Dark

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For those who like dark beer and are holidaying in Austria, then Gosser Dark is the brew for them. While a deep mahogany colour and having flavours of chocolate and even cake present, this beer is not as heavy as you might think. This makes it a good summer holiday drink, despite its hue, offering sweetness, malty and spicy notes.

5 interesting beer facts

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1. Corona is called Coronita in Spain, due to the Spanish word for crown belonging to the royal family.

2. The Gosser Spezial beer was served at the at the banquet to mark the signing of the Austrian State Treaty in 1955.

3. The Italian beer we call Peroni actually has the official name Nastro Azzurro, which means blue ribbon. Peroni is the brewery.

4. The study of beer is called zythology, from the Greek word zythos meaning beer.

5. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.

Please drink sensibly.

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