Is your Christmas spirit already starting to fade? Feeling the post-holiday blues? Well, there’s only one sure-fire cure…and that’s to book your next holiday now! January is one of the best months to book trips – not only can you benefit from some New Year sales, but it helps to get 2015 budget organised and start on your savings straight away – that’s what we tell ourselves, anyway!

Here are 4 great reasons why you need to book a trip right this second!

Setting a clear goal


January is when we all start planning for the year ahead. Whether it’s an upcoming ski trip to the French Alps in February, or a further-off summer Canary Island holiday, locking in a few weeks now not only gives you something to look forward to but it also gives you an end goal and something concrete to put your hard-earned savings towards. Create a proper budget for yourself and start the year off on the right foot!

Cheap prices and flight deals


The best thing about the end of Christmas is always the New Year sales! And it’s not just the shops that are handing out the bargains – we’ve also got our own markdowns. In fact, we’ve reduced our flights – including 30,000 seats at £29.99 – in our New Year Sale. And while you’re locking in your bargain-price flights, don’t forget to look for earlybird packages on hotels, activities and other included extras.

Endless availability


Booking in the beginning of the year gives you the greatest variety of choice for dates, times, airports, seats, hotels and more – so get in quick to beat the rush! While you might be lucky and find some last minute sales later on, it’s likely you’ll find out only the penthouse suites are available at your chosen hotel, or end up paying even more by trying to get transfers out from an obscure airport!

High exchange rate


The exchange rate is one thing we can’t control, but right now, things are looking up for the Brits. Currently, the Euro is falling to a nine-year low, meaning across the Channel, we’re getting a fantastic exchange rate on the Pound. Not only will life be cheaper for us if we’re heading to the likes of Greece, Spain and Germany, but falling petrol and oil prices mean driving holidays around Portugal’s picturesque Algarve coast and the Turkish Riviera will be more than possible this summer.

So what are you waiting for? Save money, grab a great deal and book your flights today!




  1. Hi I have flown with you for the past few years .
    I regular receive emails from you advertising cheap flights say to Barcelona but when are these deals .
    I want some winter sunshine with my boyfriend oct nov this year I don’t care where or when .
    Is there any way of you listing the cheapest flights I want to fly from any midlands

    • Hi Sharon, my advice would be to keep checking our website ( – we regularly post deals that you might find handy. For example we currently have a winter sun offer at great prices (including Barcelona, too)!

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