It’s National Photography Day (19th August) , so let’s take a moment to mourn the fact that nobody prints their holiday snaps any more. But before you get too sad, there are ways to use the favourite photos from your summer trips creatively without popping them in an album and touting them around your entire group of family and friends.

With just a few simple craft skills you can make items for your home that are practical yet put your holiday photos on display. Not only will they act as wonderful reminders of your time away, but they’re sure to win admiration from guests.

Polaroid-style picture frame

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If you want to tap into the shabby chic trend and showcase your holiday snaps in a less traditional manner, then this project is for you. All you need on top of your photos is an old picture frame, some string or ribbon and a few pegs.

Either distress the photo frame to give it a vintage look or paint it in a colour that will match your décor. Attach the string or ribbons in rows within the frame and peg your favourite holiday memories to them. The pegs can be embellished with coloured paper or buttons and if you have your photos printed in a Polaroid-style, with a nice neat border, they will obtain that wonderful nostalgic look, which is how we all like to think of holidays after all.

Photo coasters

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Prevent your surfaces from getting coffee cup rings on them at the same time as having your wonderful pictures dotted around your home with these great coasters. There are companies you can send your holiday pics off to and get them turned into coasters, but there are several ways of doing it yourself.

One of these is to pick up some cheap white tiles from a DIY shop. Cut your photo precisely, so it will sit on top of the tile with a neat border surrounding it and secure it in place with PVA glue, both underneath and above. This will dry clearly and as long as you’ve removed any bubbles, will look great. Add an extra layer of protection once the glue has dried by using a craft varnish to ensure your creation lasts a long time. Finally, glue a piece of felt the same size as the tile to the bottom to prevent your surfaces from being scratched.

Holiday snaps clock

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A great way to display photos from various different trips is to use them to represent the numbers on a clock. Buy a clock mechanism with hands, but no frame or digits and put it in the middle of the wall. Then take 12 photos from your holidays and attach them to the wall where the numbers would be. This works really well if you have pictures that show specific times of the day. You could have that delicious meal you enjoyed in Lisbon in the 12 o’clock position or a gorgeous sunset over the sea in Spain for around 7 o’clock.

Whether you decide to put these photos in little frames or have them printed onto canvases is up to you. The frames could all be the same or you could opt for a mismatched vibe, depending on your own personal style.

Picture perfect place settings

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Add a personal tough by using photos of friends and family taken on memorable holidays as place settings at your next gathering. Your guests will be delighted to be greeted with photos from happy times as they sit down to eat. Not only will it bring a smile to their faces, but it will provide great conversation starters if there are groups of people who don’t know each other so well.

There are plenty of ways to get your snaps to stand up on the table, but one of the simplest is to use a champagne cork. Make a groove down the middle with a knife and then slide the picture in. The association with bubbly also adds to the festive mood.

Having started her travelling career at the age of five on a trip to Africa with her family, Emma has gone on to visit more than 45 countries across the globe. Highlights have included taking part in a tango lesson in Argentina, seeing Victoria Falls from both sides and getting lost among the streets of the Albaicin in Granada.


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