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Aug 11 2014 / Destinations

Monarch’s destination insider tips guide

Tips map from Monarch

Not sure which destination to choose this summer? Or perhaps you’ve already decided but have no idea what to see? Well, we can help you out. Introducing the new Monarch Destination Tips – an interactive map that’s packed with insider secrets on where to go, what to do and where to stay. We’ve gone straight to the experts – […]

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Aug 29 2014 / Competitions

Accessorize & Monarch create the dream holiday!

Pinterest competition Monarch

Monarch and Accessorize recently partnered to create a “My Dream Holiday” competition. We called it a PINtoWin competition; where people chose their favourite Monarch destination by finding out exactly where we fly to here and then choosing the Accessorize essentials they’d love to wear whilst on their holiday. Judges from Monarch and Accessorize then got together to crown […]

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Aug 29 2014 / Topical

From ice buckets to ice hotels – 5 ways to enjoy ice around the world

Ice hole

Let’s face it, the ice bucket challenge has taken the world by storm with people drenching themselves with ice and water to encourage donations to charities. But, believe it or not, ice doesn’t just have to belong in a bucket – there are  many more interesting uses for the frozen blocks of water! Check these out! Sleep on a […]

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Need to defend your knees? Try our non-reclining seats


According to stories on the BBC and Daily Mail websites this week, Knee Defenders™ are apparently a new must-have travel accessory to keep ‘recliners’ at bay. Whilst other airlines are now banning the controversial gadgets, we have a simpler solution – knee-free, non-reclining aircraft seats. The ergonomic seats launched in May this year in response to customer feedback; reclining seats were deemed […]

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Aug 27 2014 / Food and Drink

Fries with that? 5 burgers to try before you die!

Mexicana burger, Alicante

Finally we have an excuse to pig out – today is National Burger Day! It may be an American classic, but the humble burger has become an international staple, with many countries adding their own unique delicacies and local flavours to the humble bun, patty and cheese. In fact, the UK burger bar market alone is worth billions, with more than […]

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Aug 26 2014 / Destinations

Tuesday Tips: 5 of the World’s Most Unusual Festivals

La Tomatina. Spain

From swimming in a sea of smashed tomatoes, to chasing cheese down a hill, there really are loads of weird and wonderful cultural events out there. Will any of these be on your list? La Tomatina: The world’s biggest food fight Image courtesy of Graham McLennan This week, La Tomatina (the annual Battle of Tomatoes) is celebrated in the town […]

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August Bank Holiday flying tips

Where do Monarch fly to? Which destinations?

August Bank Holiday is a popular time to get away for a long weekend at the beach or visit a fabulous city, catch up wth friends and family and enjoy some real sunshine abroad. There’ll be more than 125,000 passenger journeys booked to fly on 679 flights this weekend. Due to the popularity of our bank holiday flights, all […]

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Aug 21 2014 / Your Photos

Video: Huge surprise at Gatwick Airport for 8 year-old Ethan

Ethan story - family photo onboard Monarch aircraft

Monarch customers and staff have been brought to tears by a very touching video posted on the airline’s official Facebook page. Filmed by Monarch holidaymaker Claire Day, the video tells the story of how her partner Gary May gave his eight year-old son Ethan the surprise of his life at Gatwick Airport. Post by Monarch. Gary, 41 is a public […]

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Aug 20 2014 / Behind the Scenes

Here’s some insider knowledge about our new inflight entertainment MPlayer

iPhone Screen Shot using MPlayer

Did you join our Mobile Manager John & Social Media Executive Hannah for a live chat yesterday? In case you missed it, here’s all the expert answers.

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Aug 19 2014 / Destinations

Photography Day: Showcasing your holiday snaps


Today, 19th August, marks Photography Day. So, we thought what better way to celebrate than to showcase some of your photos you’ve taken whilst on holiday. Here’s a selection of our favourites from the “Snap Happy” competition which features in Passport, our on board magazine. The warm colours, beautiful canals and the famous Gondolas have been caught on camera by Elle-Rose […]

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Aug 19 2014 / Travel Tips & Advice

Tuesday Tips: Discover the secrets of the deep

Turtle swimming in waters of Tenerife

Want to explore the deep blue sea and spot the world’s most amazing creatures? Luckily, you don’t have to travel to the Great barrier reef in order to see them! There’s some amazing marine life just a  short flight away, and seeing these creatures in their natural habitat really is something that shouldn’t be missed. Turtles in Tenerife You might […]

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